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Global Access:

Accessing today’s unprecedented global opportunities while managing the attendant challenges is vexing for innovative organizations. At Global Access, our mission is to be the premier gateway to the most attractive international growth markets by providing our clients with practical strategies and solutions for realizing their aspirations with greater certainty and less financial and execution risk.

“We have completed billions of dollars of transactions in cross-border, in-country, on-the-ground project execution and deal-making in many parts of the world, particularly in the U.S., Greater China, Asia-Pacific, parts of the Middle East and Europe.”

Our multidisciplinary, hands-on approach bridges the cultural, geographic, language and logistical divides that often stand in the way of accomplishing objectives, completing transactions or projects or realizing on investments.

Are you willing to invest in a deep and enduring partnership to ensure you are at the current apex of global opportunities? Our clients know we are uniquely qualified to deliver global potential: they understand that business in Asia – for example – is conducted like no other business in the world. It takes special understanding, experience and high-level connections to create the long-term success and profitable rewards Asia offers.

“Opportunities around the globe – but particularly in Asia and Middle East – are incredible, especially with the Global Access approach to business transactions and long-term results.”

Global Access Delivers:



Global Access Compresses the Deal Cycle: A Smarter Approach to Transacting Business Internationally

Through an integrated, multidisciplinary model, Global Access uniquely delivers more opportunities and deals faster for our clients. We bring three key advantages to this model:

  • Proven Expertise and Professional Execution: Get hands-on, thorough, multifaceted and sophisticated in-country, on-the-ground know-how.
  • Authentic Relationships and Meaningful Access: Leverage our high level and multitiered connections at critical societal, business, and government access points.
  • Convert Transactional Opportunities into Long-term Profits: Take advantage of our deep knowledge of cultures and traditions, local government agencies and policies, legal and financial systems, and the operating and investment environment.


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Key Opportunities Doing Inbound and Outbound Deals

  • Greater China
  • Southeast Asia
  • Mideast
  • Europe
  • United States

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